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St. Louis, MO

Welcome to Shands, Elbert, Gianoulakis & Giljum LLP, where experience, collaboration, and dedication converge to provide unparalleled legal representation.

Our Firm has been engaged in the practice of law in the St. Louis region for over 50 years and has a team of seasoned lawyers who bring a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to the table.  With significant experience in litigation of all kinds, employment law, corporate law and commercial transactions, school law, tax law, estate planning, real estate and other areas of law and practice, our cohesive and multidimensional team is well-equipped to handle the most complex legal challenges.

The members of our team are committed to excellence in their respective fields, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive and strategic legal solutions tailored to their specific needs.  We believe in building strong relationships with our clients based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect.  Our goal is not only to achieve successful outcomes but also to provide peace of mind during what can often be challenging times.

Highest Level of Legal Service

Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal services and advice to allow our clients to satisfy their needs and achieve their desired outcomes at a reasonable cost.  By successfully and efficiently handling complex and difficult matters with skill, imagination and professionalism, we have earned an excellent reputation with our clients, including nationwide corporations, governmental entities, educational institutions, individuals, families, and small businesses.

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Beyond our individual strengths, our Firm is united by a shared commitment to client satisfaction and success.  We understand that every matter is unique, and we prioritize honest consultation, transparency, and responsiveness to ensure that our clients feel supported and informed throughout their legal journey.

Thank you for considering Shands Elbert for your legal needs. We look forward to serving you with excellence, integrity, and compassion.

Shands, Elbert, Gianoulakis & Giljum, LLP assists clients with Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation, Education Law, Business Law, Labor and Employment Law, Estate and Tax Planning, Real Estate Law and Professional Liability Defense in the City of St. Louis, St. Louis and St. Charles Counties and throughout Missouri and Central and Southern Illinois.

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